Genetic Testing? Now that's a gift!

People dream of what their babies may become. Doctor… lawyer… but first things first: a healthy baby.

Through early genetic testing, parents can find out if their future children are at risk for life-threatening genetic disorders. JScreen at Emory University is a public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases through carrier screening.

With JScreen’s reliable at-home saliva test, a couple can find out if their future children are at risk for more than 200 genetic conditions, including some that are more common in the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Mizrahi Jewish populations. The results are provided by licensed genetic counselors via telephone or video conferencing.

Help a friend or family member plan for a healthy future family by purchasing a JGift today! The recipient will use the coupon code provided on the JGift to cover the cost of testing when he/she registers for a kit at

Each JGift costs $149 and will cover the entire expense for recipients with health insurance. If the recipient does not have health insurance, the JGift will reduce the payment by $149.